Sisko Gallery, Seattle Washington

Jeff Hansel

Jeff Hansel grew up in the suburbs of Seattle. As a young adult, he went to work for three months on a large fish processing ship in the vast Bering Sea. The ship seemed to him tiny and inconsequential in that environment, and he felt himself even smaller and more fragile. That was the first time that he had experienced the sublime and the awesome of nature, and that has become his central metaphor.

Hansel now lives on Seattle’s Lake Union, and that is subject of this group of works. Lake Union may not seem like infinity of the open sea, but it’s a manageable fragment vibrating with the first light and power of the universe, and he paints it in different states of calmness and agitation.

Hansel offers intimate meditative paintings abstracted from his views of his Lake Union home. The water and air are points of departure for virtuoso color explorations.