Sisko Gallery, Seattle Washington
Mel Curtis, Sisko Gallery

Mel Curtis

Mel's large formatted photographs are Vermeer-like in luminescence and craft. They are images of unpopulated buildings, structures of religious and civil power. Though built for different purposes they have similarities, not the least of which they were built to impress. The photographs express many quiet tensions: institution and individual, light and shadow, positive and negative. These are timeless, empty public spaces, but the absence of people evokes the humanity of the builders as well as the citizens and the faithful that move through them.

Born in Ohio, Mel moved to Seattle in 1984 from Washington DC, where he worked as an art director, before turning to photography full time. Primarily a self taught photographer, he received an MFA degree in Photography from Ohio University, and has taught at the University of Washington and Seattle University as well as The Photo Center School. For over 30 years Mel has been applying his unique and elegant vision to a variety of photographic projects. Whether he is working for the White House or the University of Washington, or pursuing personal interests, he always blends style and grace in the creation of his imagery.