Sisko Gallery, Seattle Washington
Steve Worthington, Sisko Gallery

Steve Worthington

Irony and sophisticated humor in sculpture is admirable, however, it is very rarely successful. Worthington’s mastery of humor is underpinned by a very sophisticated understanding of form and composition. In spoken humor, timing is critical, but in traditional sculpture, there is not a temporal aspect; time moves, but the sculpture does not. In Worthington’s work, the precise use of well-timed detail is the corresponding critical element.

Currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Steve is originally from England. After completing art school, he studied under instructor John Watkiss (author of “Fly in the Room Anatomy”). While working with him, Worthington made frequent visits to museums and galleries to study art, and to draw from sculpture. Such rigorous training provided the foundation for a 20 year globe spanning career as an advertising artist, often required to draw any given situation from any angle without reference under very tight deadlines. Thorough immersion in the disciplines of drawing, an interest in painting and sculpture, and a lifelong love of critters great and small have provided Worthington with the tools needed to re-focus on a boyhood passion, sculpting animals in a very interesting style.