Sisko Gallery, Seattle Washington

Creatures 2007

November 15 - December 31

We humans have a complex relationship with our creature cousins. They are sometimes our food, clothing or transportation, and as such animals have entered as complex characters in early mythological images. In the case of the animal that was the subject of the hunt, in myth it was also seen as the willing provider of food, so in that case, animals have a complex role in both providing the food and also assuaging the guilt of killing.

Animals are sometimes in life and in story our companions and helpers. We often anthropomorphize them, such that the most prized animals are seen to embody a valued human trait (i.e., dog/loyalty) better than any human image can represent that trait. In art, animals can evoke reverence and beauty, but also fear and repulsion.

Creatures 2007, Group Show, Seattle Art Galleries

Sacred and Secular

September 27 - November 11 | View Work

Showing work by Mel Curtis and Allen Moe.

Sacred and Secular, Mel Curtis, Seattle Art Galleries

Northwest Masters of Scupture

July 26 - September 23

Combined, these four sculptors represent over two hundred years of sculpture-making in the Puget Sound area.

As students of sculpture they have absorbed and synthesized influences, images and practices from all over the world, making them part of our cultural fabric. As teachers, they influenced generations of younger artist. As practitioners of sculpture, they have been art ambassadors to the rest of the country through their scores of public work.

Northwest Masters of Sculpture, Philip McCracken, Allen Moe, Seattle Art Galleries

John Sisko, Celebration

April 26 - July 22 | View Work

Join us in celebrating the opening of Sisko Gallery.

John Sisko, Celebration, Sculpture, Seattle Art Galleries